500 ML (18) TT

500 ML (18) TT

Stock Code 1814
Shape Oval
Width (mm) 168.7
Length (mm) 100.2
Height (Without Lid) (mm) 56.7
Weight (gr) 16.10 g -/+ 1%
ISO Volume 460
Decoration Plain or IML
Lid Closure Type -
Lid Width 171.6
Lid Length 102.5
Lid Height 14
Lid Weight 10.5

500 ML (18) TT from Teknika Plast is being produced from high quality food grade polypropylene (PP). All product information (volume, dimensions) are located in the table in this page. 


IML or Plain

Specifications of use:

All Teknika Plast products are suitable for all type of  dairy products and foods (acidic , aqueous and alcoholic foods).


The material chosen has a very good heat resistance and the pails are suitable for hot filling. Plastic pails become flexible when subjected to hot filling temperatures and care must be taken in relation to stacking immediately after hot filling.The TP 1840- 1773 must be tested by the customer with the actual product before approval for use at hot temperatures.


All Teknika Plast products that used for the production of our food containers listed, we use only monomers, starting substances and additives listed in the Union List of Authorized Substances of 10/2011 and its successive amendments up to and including 2020/1245. Our products are being tested according to latest directives (10/2011 and its successive amendments up to and including 2020/1245) in the following simulant to obtain global migration values for all food types. 


Packing of this packaging depends on the customer request. 

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