We are in the Gulf The rich cultural and heritage of Gulf region makes it unique from any other place. Gulf region has always been a key region due to its phenomenal development and versatility that is a trademark of the region. The region`s leaps and bounds growth has inflicted all major companies to consider it second to none. For Teknika Plast, GCC market due to its vigorous growth in food consumption has been a second home. Expected growth of 4.2 % from 2014 to 2019 in this 49.1 million metric tons consumption industry is expected to take it to 59.2 million metric tons which makes it highly desirable market to grow with. This $35 trillion food market of the GCC provides many opportunities to serve. Teknika Plast keeping in view of its already established customer base tries to serve them even better utilizing its over two decades of experience. We believe in expanding and growing with your business together in GCC. Understanding the value of this, we regularly take part in the one of the world largest food exhibition, Gulfood Manufacturing regularly. Our sales office in Dubai, UAE has been serving the needs of our valuable clients and ready to cater yours too with the most competent products and efficient after sales service that we pride making Teknika Plast different from others.