Single-Serve Solutions Single-serve solution has been making a big impact.

Between 2009 and 2013, traditional roast and ground volume declined by 1 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), while single-serve capsules grew at an 80 percent CAGR. The trend continues in 2014 and beyond, with reports indicating that single-serve is now accounting for nearly 41% of ground coffee sales. It’s estimated that 15 billion single-serve capsules will be consumed in 2014. From the smallest roasters to biggest brands the single-serve beverage market is exploding with growth.

If you are tired of brewing too much coffee at once, only to have it go to waste? A single serve coffee maker could be the ideal solution. This type of coffee maker is renowned for its efficiency, often making a steaming cup of coffee in just minutes expand your Reach beyond. Our profile has recently been extended by single-serve solution when choosing a single serve option that suits your company; Teknika Plast outshines the competition by providing the highest quality of extraction and the highest amount of coffee per capsule in the current market. Paired with unique specialty coffees, there is no better choice for any roaster or consumer. Both the filters are eco-friendly single-serve capsules alternatives that help us enjoy the convenience of single-serve with less environmental impact.

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