Market Consultancy Teknika Plast has been working as pioneer of the industry since 1993 as a team of extremely dedicated, skilled people who love our clients we produce the best work each and every time. We help businesses achieve exponential growth through a combination of strategic marketing initiatives, generating leads and nurturing them all the way to a sale while establishing a prominent brand presence, that exists long after the sale. We have seen many crunches and claws in this sector over our decades of presence which exposed us to the valuable experience of the sector that we thrive in. We believe in sharing what we have learnt we believe in moving together with you and standing shoulder to shoulder in your success. We offer our versatile profile for you to guide your chances of fancying any business opportunity in region that you want.

We never settle for good enough because we are a team of talented, passionate people focused on partnering with clients to drive leads, convert sales, engage customers, empower employees & outpace competitors.

Teknika Plast is ready to create and implement marketing strategies, centered on the core of the business and what services and products you offer. Our research consultancy helps create a detailed marketing plan, determine the marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out. Following the plan through, and working to execute and implement the marketing.

We can help your company to understand the consumer behavior and placing your product in the best of the ways to make the maximum out of every move you make. Our grow together motto is not just a motto it’s the way we have grown in these decades. We don’t only think creatively but also analytically we don’t just focus on thinking creatively but also to get results out of that creativity. Our well-directed efforts will let you focus more on product development and overall operations so we handle your risk part and create an opportunity out of the challenge.